My name is Anjali Dedhia and I am a Lifestyle, travel, Fashion, luxury and food blogger and influencer. Everything I post here would be about my experiences and knowledge which I have gained over the years. I have being very passionate about travel and food and being explorer by nature I have explored many foods and places. I have a very good taste buds and I am good cook.

Professionally i Have worked in the fashion retail industry for years and it has given me a good exposure to fashion and the make up world. In my years of experience being a stylist I have learn a lot about clothes and make up. I believe that fashion is about carrying the clothes in the right way and grace , attitude and confidence goes a long way in carrying a fashion.

I have taken this plunge into the world of blogging and being an influencer only because that is what I was born to do, it’s not work for me it’s a passion. I want to take my knowledge and experiences to people across the world.

Life Motto :- In a World where You can be anyone, Be yourself.

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