Spending Time in Quarantine.

Hi Guys, this is Anjali here welcome to my blog. In the last few days we all have been locked down and quarantined into our homes, it’s a sad state but that’s what is required and is the need of the hour. Let’s not be adventurous during this time and go out of our home. This Is a time we all need to sit at home and do our duty as a responsible citizens and what easier way to be responsible.

In the last few days I have read various post of how to make the best of your time sitting at home. Bloggers. Celebrity, influencers and people at large have suggested various ways to doing things at home be it reading, cooking, binging movies, spending time with family, work out, pursuing your hobbies and so many other ideas. So today I have also decided to jump in this pool of advising everyone else about how to spend your time well when I myself is so confused lazing around the house about what to do, but still took the plunge to give this idea a style of my own. This are the few things I would like to do and would like you all to consider while spending the not so valuable time that we all are so suddenly gifted with.

Become self-aware rather than Introspect.

I have read so many people suggesting introspection in this period of lockdown. It’s actually a good time when you can really have some of your own time to introspect but I would suggest try becoming self-aware about yourself rather than introspect. Self-awareness will let you create insights about yourself which introspection may not. The way human mind works introspection by default has a negative connotation whereas self-awareness can help you create more positive vibes. Ask more what than why, why questions makes you indulge in the past and what questions helps you create a better future. Instead of trying to question, why I am not successful? or why I am not happy? ask yourself the question what could I do to be successful? or What could make me happy? That’s the real introspection you need to do. The positive one.

Find A talent.

We as human beings have all born with some or the other talent but we have never got the opportunity to identify our inner talents. We have like over the years just been in the survival race and never have the opportunity to find the inner talent inside us. This lock down gives us an excellent opportunity to find the talent we have never known. In this time of lock down I have also found a new talent and have been growing it since last few days. Be it my Instagram page or my writing skills or my blogs etc.

Do social Distancing Family/Friends get together?  

You all know how annoying have been those family groups you all have to be part of willingly or unwillingly. But now it’s a great time to use that group and play games on what’s app family/friends group to make all of the boundless time we have. It’s a great way to bond with your extended family and friends.

Make some new friends online.

Try all those social media apps of your’s to make some good friends. Conversation and bonding with some newer friends can give you a different perspective in life and can help you open up your mind to newer possibilities.

Treat your skin

 Face mask, Moisturizer, face cream, face wash and those nani ma ke nuske let everything come out and treat your skin to some home spa which it needed so badly and which otherwise you would have never done in a busy schedule. And yes this applies to men too.

Plan your future

This is actually the best time to plan everything you want do once this lockdown opens up. Coz as soon as this lockdown opens up we shall be in a rat race to do lot of stuff and there will be a chaos all round. Better use this time to put down all your work list into a planner app or an excel so that you are more organized and simply better planned. See this as an opportunity. Do your financial plans, your business plans, your life plans and everything else that would impact your future. Plan it now because this is not going to last we will.


Lastly the thing we all miss during our busy schedule is sleep. Now is the time lets us all have some quality sleep. Lets not mistake, it’s the quality and quantity of sleep that matters so have some good deep sleep. Shut your brain off, don’t read this anymore and get to sleep. Bonus it helps boost your immune system.

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